10 Handpicked Enamel pins for Your Backpack

10 Handpicked Enamel pins for Your Backpack

Korean Boy Band-BTS Custom Enamel Pins

Introducing the Korean BTS Bangtan Boys Cartoon Figures Soft Enamel Pin! This cute and adorable pin is perfect for fans of the popular Korean boy band, Bangtan Boys. The soft enamel finish makes it a collectible item that is perfect for display or wearing. Each pin is carefully crafted and comes with a metal clutch for easy attachment. Get your hands on this must-have item for any fan of the Bangtan Boys today!

This BTS Custom Enamel Pins can show your love.

Cardcaptor Sakura,Penelope Blue Koala Custom Enamel Pins

Cardcaptor Sakura is a popular anime series that follows the adventures of Sakura Kinomoto who discovers and captures magical clow cards. that contain magical powers that help in overcoming everyday challenges.The series contains magic, action and romance and follows the main character, Sakura Kinomoto as she discovers the power of her cards. and uses it to bring balance back to the world.

Starwars Darth Vader And Rey Custom Hard Enamel Pin

The custom hard enamel pin is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. The pin has a shiny finish, which makes it perfect for displaying on your backpack, hat, or anywhere else you want to show your love of Star Wars.The pin measures 4.5” and is made with nickel plating in a shiny gold color.The pin is set on a rubber back and comes with an individually numbered limited edition.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Custom Hard Enamel Pin

The second season of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba is coming soon to Japanese television. It will be divided into two arcs. The first will be the Mugen Train arc, which is an adaptation of the movie. The second arc will be the Entertainment District arc and is a prequel to the main event.

The anime is full of artful animation and kinetic action. It centers on a sorcerer named Yuuji Itadori who is a part of a monster-hunting organization. Her main goal is to retrieve a cursed talisman. The anime is set in a dark fantasy world where evil spirits rule. The series is expected to premiere in the United States in 2023.

Demon Slayer Custom Hard Enamel Pin is a must have!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Misato Katsuragi Custom Hard Enamel Pin

Misato Katsuragi is one of the main characters of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion as well as its manga adaptation and Rebuild of Evangelion. She is the operations director at NERV. In Rebuild 3 and the first half of Rebuild 3+1, she is presented as a hardened anti-hero, and leader of WILLE.

She is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi in the original Japanese version, Alison Keith in the original English dub by ADV Films, and Carrie Keranen in the newer English dub on Netflix.

This Neon Genesis Evangelion Misato Katsuragi Custom Hard Enamel Pin is a very sexy one,you may wanna keep it.

Haikyuu!! Custom Hard Enamel Pin

Cute Haikyu hard enamel pin designed and made by HAHAPIN,the story of Haikyu!! follows the story of Shoyo Hinata, a young boy who is determined to become a great volleyball player, despite his small stature. After being inspired by watching a volleyball match on TV, Hinata decides to start practicing and eventually joins his school’s team.

Disney Peter Pan Beauty and the Beast Donald Duck custom Lapel Enamel Pin

Peter Pan is an animated film starring an adventurous boy named Bobby Driscoll. He comes to Neverland from the land of fairies and has a fairy friend named Tinkerbell. Peter Pan has many adventures, but there are some that are quite sad. His nemesis is the pirate Captain Hook and Hans Conried. Meanwhile, Wendy and her brothers start to miss their old life.

Beauty and the Beast takes place in a castle, where a young prince falls under the spell of a wicked enchantress and becomes a hideous Beast. The story takes a turn when the village girl Belle, who imprisoned her father, accidentally enters the castle and draws the Beast out of his solitude. In a magical transformation, the two young lovers fall in love and live happily ever after.

Disney Donald Duck is one that is very popular with children. Developed in the 1930s, Donald Duck is one of Disney’s most popular characters. He starred in many animated films, winning one Academy Award for “Der Fuehrer’s Face” in 1943. He also starred in four other films, including “A Duck in the City” (1939).

This Disney Peter Pan Beauty and the Beast Donald Duck custom Lapel Enamel Pin is also a must-have if you like Disney animation.

Attack On Titan Levi Ackerman Soft Lapel Enamel Pin

Introducing the Attack On Titan Levi Ackerman Soft Lapel Enamel Pin! This high-quality enamel pin is perfect for showing your support for humanity’s strongest soldier. Captain Levi is a skilled fighter and strategist, and with this lapel pin, you can show your appreciation for all he’s done to protect humanity. The pin is soft enamel with black metal, and it comes with a sliver metal butterfly clutch backing to keep it securely in place. don’t be surprised if people start asking you about your favorite Attack On Titan moments when they see this pin. Order yours today and show your pride in being a fan of Levi Ackerman!

Attack On Titan Soft Lapel Enamel Pin is a must-have

One Piece Luffy Nika Hard Lapel Enamel Pin

Introducing the one piece luffy and roronoa zoro Hard Lapel Enamel Pin! This tough little pin is perfect for showing your support for the infamous duo, luffy and zoro. These two are easily the deadliest combo among the Straw Hats, and with this pin, you can show your appreciation for their deep friendship. Bring a touch of deadly flair to any outfit with this stylish and hard-wearing enamel pin.

Pokemon Pikachu And Charmander Soft Lapel Enamel Pin

Charmander and Pikachu, the perfect combination! These two lovable Pocket Monsters are now available as a soft enamel pin set. Pikachu is the quintessential electric type Pokemon and Charmander is the original fire type starter. They’re the perfect team to take on any adventure! Take them with you wherever you go to show off your Pokemon pride.

This Pokemon Pikachu And Charmander Soft Lapel Enamel Pin is a cute choice for you.

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