Questions & Answers

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How to solve the issue if there is bad quality?

Generally, there will be no quality problems, because we will confirm the drawings with you for many times, and the production process will be carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. If there are obvious differences or quality problems caused by our production, we will actively deal with them, such as refund or rework.

What is your minimum order quantity?

No MOQ for new order , 50pcs for reorder

Can you make glitter,glow,epoxy,gradient pearlescent items?

Yes,we can.In addition to common enamel and soft enamel,we also have many special craft,such as sandblast with transparent,stabilized glass,pearlescent,glow,rotating,magnet pin,hinged pin,pin on pin,gradient pearlescent

What's the production time?

It depends on the quantities and difficulties,normally,only take 7 days,but if it more difficult such as more than 20 colors or more than 10 screen printout will take more days(Maybe 10-14 days),we will arrange the professional department to serve your order in future to make sure all is smooth.

What's the sample fee?

It depends on your size,if simple crafts and small size only $15



If I re-order my products, should I pay the mold fee again?

No, we will help you to save the mold for 2 year, during this time, you needn’t pay any mold fee for re-make the same design

There is a color difference in the non cutting transparent paint

Because of the bottom is metal, through the transparent, the metal color will be seen. That's the reason why transparent color is not same with artwork. If we do stained glass, that would be better.

Can baking paint do screen printing effect?

Screen printing can't be made for soft enamel pins, if you insist to do printing, we suggest adding epoxy.

Can the design share the back formwork?

Ordinary products are OK,Back mold can't be common used for pins with cutouts. Because of the shape are different, it's hard to make sure back mold in the correct area.

Can the rainbow metal effect be done?

Rainbow plating can be done only for soft enamel, hard enamel pins can't do.