How do you choose what would be a good enamel pin?

How do you choose what would be a good enamel pin

What would be a good enamel pin?and what is the differences betwee soft and hard enam pin?
It can be hard to choose between the types of pins you want to show your brand identity with. In this article, we will break down the differences between two important types of pins – namely hard enamel vs soft enamel – to make it easier for you.Choosing your business’s pin should be an exciting process and one you’re proud of. With so many options to choose from, it can be a little bit overwhelming.

However, by the end of this post, you’ll know everything you need!Get the most out of your brands with our exclusive pins! we take many factors into account and use our professional experience to determine what will work best for you.

Soft Enamel Pin

Soft enamel are a fairly new invention and one that’s getting more attention in the jewellery circles these days. For starters, these are made by doing a die struck mold, which means all the little spots on them will be filled up with some enamel or other.

If you want your soft enamel products to look more like hard enamel, you can coat them in epoxy for smoother finish. It also works well if glitter or other additional features are involved.
because this way there’s no mess from the glitter because it is resting on top of a clear surface with nothing else “glittering.”


Soft enamel pins are bit cheaper to get started making(but it depends,you can contact us for more info), but it can be tough for new designers to create recognizable graphics for them.

We’ve noticed that some manufacture may not put enough enamel on their pins. If the material is still wet when it goes into the pin, you run a higher risk of having under-filled pins.

Problem is, there’s no barrier like enamel cover over it. Dust sticks to the surface and you will see it on top of the metal.

We have also noticed that if you do not take care to handle the pins when you’re packaging them up, it can be risky because the pins are enamel and there’s nothing protecting them. So just be careful.

Hard Enamel Pin

The pins at hard enamel are different. Hard enamel pins have a smooth surface (unlike their counterpart soft enamel ones). They are made by polishing the pin surface after it’s manufactured so they’re perfectly smooth and shiney. check out this video to see the polish process:

You can find a range of hard enamel styles in our website. You may need to adjust the size of your design when you’re using these types of pins so they don’t become too thick. This can happen after polishing, but it’s worth keeping in mind while you’re designing.

Due to cost and stylish design, frequently thought to be of superior quality.

The shiny and smooth finish is more durable than that of soft enamel pins.

Due to the protective layer on top, it is scratch and chip resistant.look with a bubble-like sheen

A little bit expensive,Longer turnaround because of polishing work included.

Restricted plating choices. like silver, or

Better work in simple colors; too complex designs are not recommended.

So how do you choose between soft and enamel pin:

Compared to hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins are more widely used and simpler to locate. If you’re on a tight budget but yet want a high-quality head-turning pin, a complex design with more colors, Soft enamel pins are your best bet if you want your pin to stand out with texture and detail. You won’t even need to look at your pin because you’ll be able to feel every little detail.

On the other hand,One of the most significant advantages of hard enamel pins is their durability. These pins are designed to last without being damaged.

If you expect to expose and use your pin frequently, you should consider hard enamel pins.

Scratch-resistant hard enamel pins They are less likely to break or chip because there are no ridges.

If you want your pins to be more classy and sleek, you should use hard enamel pins. The smooth, detailed finish is frequently thought to be high-quality and desirable.