The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Custom Challenge Coin Size

The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Custom Challenge Coin Size 2

What is a Custom Challenge Coin Size and How Much Does it Matter?

Feeling unsure about the size of your challenge coin? we understand how you might feel. It can be difficult when the smallest changes to your design change the price. below are 5 things you should consider:

Your manufacturer will determine your sizing options. Some may only produce coins at specific intervals, such as 1′′, 1.5′′, and 2′′.

Others produce coins in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5′′ to 2.5′′. Other manufacturers may have no restrictions on the size of your challenge coins.

If you have begun working with a manufacturer, be aware of their limitations. If you do not yet have a manufacturer, research their various sizing options before making a decision.

The size of the coin will depend on the needs and taste of the person who will be receiving it. For example, if you are giving it to someone as an award for their service, you may want to give them a larger one so that they can display it with their other awards in their home office. However, if you are giving it to someone as a thank-you for helping out at your company’s event, then you might want to give them a smaller one so that they can put it in their pocket or wallet and carry it around with them.

How Do You Determine the Proper Size For Your Specific Set Of Challenge Coins?

The size of a challenge coin is determined by its design. As a result, it is preferable to have your design planned out before deciding on a size.

Some manufacturers may require you to select a size before the design is complete. Avoid doing so because the size will ruin your design.

Your coin’s size will be determined by the level of detail in your designs.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Custom Challenge Coin Size 2

Design of small detail coins

Designs with fewer details can be smaller than those with more details. Smaller coins will suffice if your design includes larger shapes and designs.

This is due to the fact that larger shapes are easier to see and require less space. If your designs are straightforward, consider using sizes smaller than 1.5″

Design of heavy detail coins

Larger pin sizes are required for designs with a lot of detail. This is why standard challenge coins are about 1.5′′ in diameter.

At 1.5″ in diameter, the coins can easily capture intricate detail. Heavy detail in the artwork includes gradient lines, texture lines, and subtle pieces.

Don’t make a pin smaller than 1.5′′ for designs with a lot of detail. You can choose coins as large as 2′′ for the best results. However, pins larger than 2′′ will not help you show more detail in most cases.

Pins larger than 2′′ are more for aesthetics or for a specific purpose than for capturing detail.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Custom Challenge Coin Size 1

Budget for different size of challenge coins

When choosing your challenge coins, you should always consider your budget. It’s simple; small coins are less expensive than larger coins.

The price difference between smaller coins, such as 0.25′′ and 1′′, is not significant. However, the price difference between 1′′ and 2′′ is much greater.

Making larger pins is always more expensive because more metal and paint are required. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to go with a smaller pin and less detail.


That wasn’t so difficult, was it? Choosing the right size is simple with the right tips. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting the best size for your challenge coin.